Combo 6 activity kit for 3.5-5yr


Activities Included:

  • Complete the grid Activity Kit
  • Direction activity with peg-pins
  • Complete the rainbow
  • Dice and number pattern activity

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Complete the grid Activity Kit 

In this activity child needs to find the card that will match the surrounding card

Things Included:

  • 1 Playing sheet
  • 8 Playing small cards

Direction activity with peg-pins

In this activity the board has movable arrows and kid need to identify the colour of each arrow by their direction and place peg pin on it.

Things Included:

  • 1 Playing sheet.
  • 16 peg pins

Complete the rainbow

In this activity child needs to identify and find which part of rainbow fits where.

Things Included:

  • 10 rainbow cards
  • 12 popsicles to match to rainbow

Dice and number pattern activity

In this activity kid need to find the correct number card for the given dice card.

Things Included:

  • 24 Playing cards

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