Grid Combo for 3-5yr kids


Activities Included:

  • Arrange in order
  • Write the number
  • Find the place
  • Shapes grid activity kit

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Arrange in order

In this activity pick a code card and arrange the colour peg pins on craft stick according to the colour in the grid.

Things Included:

  • 1 Playing sheet
  • 5 Playing code cards
  • 1 craft stick
  • colour peg pins

Write the number

In this activity child needs to find the number written on the cell corresponding to the given row and column colour.

Things Included:

  • 1 Playing grid sheet
  • 16 colour cards
  • 1 writing card
  • 1 marker

Find the place

In this activity child needs to pick a card and place the colour chips  in the given cell according to the code card.

Things Included:

  • 1 Playing sheet
  • 4 code cards
  • 16 chips

Shapes grid activity kit

In this activity kid need to place the card in the cell by looking at their rows and column.

Things Included:

  • 1 Playing sheet
  • 9 Playing cards

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