Combo 8 activity kit for 3-4yr


Activities Included:

  • Arrange by length
  • Caterpillar pattern
  • Follow coloured arrow
  • Complete the stick puzzle
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Caterpillar pattern – KMACT046

In this activity each card has a caterpillar colour pattern. Place the peg-pins in the correct order and complete the caterpillar. You can also play as a memory game where kid can memorise the pattern and then complete the pattern.

Things Included:

  • 5 Playing cards
  • 5 peg-pins with pompoms
  • 1 craft stick

Follow coloured arrow – KMACT048

In this activity child needs to place the colour coin according to colour arrow coming towards the circle.

Things Included:

  • 1 Playing sheet
  • 18 Coins (6 colours, 3 coins each)

Complete the stick puzzle – KMACT049

In this activity the craft sticks has some coloured incomplete circles. Place the craft circles in such a way that it completes the puzzle.

Things Included:

  • 6 craft stick

Arrange by length- KMACT050

In this activity kid need to find the lengths in ascending order and place the coins according to lengths

Things Included:

  • 1 Playing sheet
  • 4 cards
  • 5 coins

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